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Category: » UNITED CUTLERY » Kit Rae

Kit Rae Exotath

Kit Rae Exotath
Famed fantasy artist and weapon designer Kit Rae delivers another design from his epic mythological tale "The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients and Other Blades of Power." This is Exotath, which granted its wielder the ability to see into the future and thus provided a great advantage in battle. Exotath measures 113.7 cm overall and features a striking, finely detailed cast metal hilt with antique finish and genuine leather wrapped grip. The 73cm blade is 420 JS stainless steel construction accented by a deep fuller and leather wrapped blade grip. This item also includes a certificate of authenticity, and an art print hand signed by Kit Rae himself. Another excellent creation from this master craftsman!
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ID: KR0030
Points: 12Product information file at
Total length:113.7 cm
Blade length:73 cm
Weight:2,3 kg
169,00 EUR
Sold Out
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