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Category: » UNITED CUTLERY » United Cutlery Knives

The Phoenix Knife

The Phoenix Knife
This futuristic design is recognizable by devoted sci-fi fans everywhere. Measuring 12 5/8" overall, it offers a 7 1/2" blade of 420 stainless steel construction with unique retractable 2 side blade guards. This knife also features an impact resistant ABS handle with sure, no-slip grip. Includes genuine leather sheath.
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Additional photos:
Additional photos: The Phoenix Knife   
2012-03-14 01:14:41 [DRT ]
Very pleased with item. ... I searched all over for this item and it met all my expectations! ... Thanks! ... Customer Service was great too...very accommodating!
ID: UC726
Points: 6Product information file at
Total length:32,1 cm
Blade length:19 cm
50,00 EUR
Sold Out
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